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Faceted Box Ring


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Box rings are hollow and fabricated from sheet metal. Here, I've played with the traditional shape to create a ring that sparkles without gemstones.

This particular ring is available at the Saskatchewan Craft Council's booth at SaskGallery's Art Now in Regina, SK, from Sept. 20th to 22nd and then will be in the Saskatchewan Craft Council's Boutique. If you are interested in a similar ring in a specific size, let me know!

Image of Copper Wave Ring
Copper Wave Ring
Image of Silver Bands
Silver Bands
Image of 3 Stone Ring
Sold out
3 Stone Ring
Image of Tube-set Cubic
Tube-set Cubic
Image of Hammered Band Ring - filed edges
Hammered Band Ring - filed edges
Image of Hammered Band Ring - plain
Hammered Band Ring - plain
Image of Spinner Ring
Spinner Ring
Image of Aventurine "eye" ring
Aventurine "eye" ring
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